Friday, January 2, 2015

Light In The Darkness

Light In The Darkness
Posted by Sarah

I love light. Whether it’s the warm glow of a candle, blinking stars in all their moonlit wonder, or a string of Christmas lights on a house, there is something about light that attracts me and leaves me awestruck. Awestruck not only for it’s beauty but also because it is a constant reminder of the Light I encountered almost two years ago – the Light that shined in my darkness. 

Two years ago I was left in the dark. It was Christmas-time and I heard carols playing, saw people shopping, and sat through holiday festivities filled with the pain of anxiety and depression. In darkest season of my life, I was without hope in a time I knew it was suppose to abound. While many stirred in anticipation for the hope found in a Savior, I was looking for one. 

While light radiated into my life on several occasions, one that had a significant impact was shown through a family named the Luskos. I watched them in the darkest time of their lives shine brightly like a lighthouse in a dark storm. I watched as the young pastor and his wife vulnerably shed tears but also watched as they stood and proclaimed hope only a few days after their little girl was ushered into heaven. They spoke with such confidence, such passion, and such hope that there was a quiet presence of Someone holding them up, a power that gave them to do what they did. Illuminating before me, I stood back in admiration and wonder examining my own life and heart. My own darkness. Could there be hope like that for me?

I heard the story of their little girl. I watched her celebration of life via live stream and heard countless testimonies of Lenya Lusko’s hope-filled life. Gaining vision, I saw her joy and her vibrancy in all she did and with tear-filled eyes longed for what she had. Like many in the dark, I saw a flicker of light that sparked in my heart and yearned for the Light of Jesus Christ. 

The light of the Lusko family was just a reflection of an inward light they projected. Like a candle, star, or string of Christmas lights, I was captivated by what I saw. You see, the holidays for many bring out the pain inside where there is no hope to be found. Sorrow, grief, anxiety, despair, and pain are often the realities of those in the dark blinded from truth. A life that apart from Jesus Christ is void of peace, joy, and hope – the reason Jesus came! 

Named “The Light of the World,” Jesus Christ has come into our dark world and shined His light bringing hope to the hopeless. His light expels all darkness and is so powerful that the darkness cannot even comprehend it! (John NKJV). The awesomeness about Christmas is that God came to our world for us (His name means Emmanuel, “God With Us). He came as a baby to live so we could have the Light of life and hope of Himself as Savior to shine through the darkness of our lives. 

When I surrendered my life to Jesus almost two years ago, Jesus’ light was able to dispel the darkness of sin, depression, and anxiety and give me a deep sense of peace, joy, and hope. Now, I’ve experienced what I saw in the Lusko family and desire to shine the hope that I have received. 

When hope is lost and when we are left in the dark, it’s time to turn on the Light. A Light that shined through to a dark world millions of years ago as a Savior came on the scene and a Light that still shines brightly for you and me. 

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