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Elevated From Religion to Relationship
Simply put I'm a girl that loves Jesus. He is my consuming passion, Best Friend, Husband, Father, Savior, Peace, Joy, and Delight. I am a product of His amazing grace as a girl who went from religion to relationship. My vision and calling is to proclaim the grace of God through the written word. My desire is to be a living epistle to a world that is hurting. My prayer is see others set free.

I am currently a freelance writer who has a love for journalism and creative writing. Besides writing, I also enjoy photography, music, flee markets, frozen yogurt, singing worship, reading, and spending time with my loved ones. I consider myself an introvert and deep thinker who finds beauty and joy in helping others, having a good laugh, and appreciating the simple things in life.


World Missionary
Apart from my deep love of animals, my passion to advocate for all things dance, and my desire for adventure -  I am just one story in an epic tale written by a brilliant creator. 

I pray that by sharing my thoughts and faith, struggles and pains, delights and joys, my writing will reveal to you God's unfailing love for you. 

Please join me on the journey as I navigate through life: a twenty-something woman based in Los Angeles,  traveling around the world, following Jesus wherever He leads.


Extraordinary Songbird
The first thing you should know about me: I do not believe in being ordinary! Therefore, it only makes sense that I could not post an ordinary biography. I thought the best way to get to know April, was to “spell out” my life:

Artsy. I am a crafty lady! I l enjoy creating, concocting and constructing anything.  I love to crochet, paint, embroider, scrapbook, draw and color. Not only do I love to make art, I also love to view it! My goal is to visit at least one art museum on every continent...well, Antarctica might be a little tough. 

Praising. My day, from dawn till dusk, is spent praising Jesus. I love to sing and listen to worship music. Some of my favorite memories in life have been made praising the Lord with my four year old daughter. My heart is touched when I see her sing to Jesus!

Reading. I love to create the written word, but I also find my motivation in reading it. Books have always been a special part of my life, especially the Bible. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and insight on what the Lord has given me through my reading. 

Involved. I come from a loud, noisy Italian family. It is only natural that I desire to be involved in the welfare of others! In all actuality, I find pleasure in helping and serving others, and it brings me joy to serve in all types of ministries. 

Love. Above all, I believe in love. I believe in the beautiful, merciful, healing, abounding, unrestricted, enveloping and unconditional love of Jesus. His love is what has rescued me from the darkest and deepest moments of my life, and His love what draws me to His presence every day. 

I look forward to getting to know you, just as you now know me!


International Bibliognost
I was born in South Africa and moved to the United States with my family when I was four. I graduated from Vanguard University in 2013 with a BA in English, minoring in Religion and Anthropology. I work full time at Vanguard University Library as the Library Associate and am gearing up for my MLIS Grad program, starting in the summer of 2014.

During rare snatches of free time, there is nothing that I love more than spending time beside a lake on a breezy, sunny day with a good book and my prayer journal.

When I reflect on all the rapid changes I have navigated in simply the last eight months, I am reminded of how far along God has brought me over the past twelve years. I never imagined that He could use my trials and pain in such amazing ways. Through them, He has enabled me to empathize, council, and encourage others who are going through the same hardships. 

As I write these devotional posts in the coming months, I pray that readers see my heart. My intention is never to preach, but rather to share the things of God that melt my heart and fill my mind with wonder.

Blog Mama (AKA “Mama K”) and Discipler
I’m a daughter of King Jesus - fun, easy going, extravert, teacher, mentor, encourager, cancer survivor, advocate for those with special needs, have a heart for the needy, lover of God’s Word, married to my best friend Mike for 30 years, proud mom of my James 1:17 daughter Sarah, and a spiritual Johnny Appleseed sower for Jesus.

I enjoy food, eating (laugh out loud), cooking, watching the food network, photography, spending quality time with my family, outdoor farmers markets, antique and thrift shopping, reading, visiting local libraries and bookstores, enjoying the beach, watching old classic movies, music, dancing, tea parties, Christmas, Masterpiece Theatre, Beth Moore, Chuck Swindoll, church history, art galleries, historical museums, Disneyland, and my old white kitty.

An Absent-Minded Dreamer
I love Jesus. Deeply. He is my reason to live and my reason to sing. 

I’m an extroverted- introvert and the oldest of two in a family that loves life and laughter and has a propensity to shout everything even if you’re standing two feet away. They bring joy and craziness into my quiet corner of the world and remind me to laugh at myself. 

Some of my favorite things are reading, hiking, dancing (especially in the rain), chatting with friends over copious amounts of tea or coffee, taking long rambling walks, or gazing at the stars while having deep conversations about life. Also, flowers, polka dots, and pearls make me ridiculously happy—they’re just such lovely, romantic, girly nonsense. I also think chocolate is better than diamonds.

If I’m not busy writing and putting that BA in English Composition into practice, I’m spending time with friends or dreaming of traveling. I have been to 10 countries and 3 continents in the last 6 months, and I have decided I want to travel forever—with Jesus, for Jesus.

My future goals include writing books and for magazines, speaking at Christian conferences, exploring the world, adopting children, and falling more deeply in love with Jesus as we continue to discover His plan for my life and I become more of the woman He sees me as. 

I will also someday own a pet pig named Wilbur, a Golden-Doodle named Prince Charles, and a horse named Shadow to ride when I’m feeling extra-crazy and spontaneous. Clearly, someday I will need to marry a very, very, rich man... I’m joking, I promise.

Currently I have a pet dog who’s so scruffy she’s cute, a wonderful family, and awesome friends who put up with my random ramblings, ever-changing emotions, and (frequently) klutzy moments.  I’m incredibly thankful and extraordinarily blessed.


Thoughtful Artist
The team would like to offer a special thanks to our friend, Dasha, the site developer. Dasha's blogging knowledge and creative input allowed our team to take this ministry from a vision to an actual reality. We would like to thank Dasha for her passion and contribution to the team and to this site!

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